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Student of Osun State college Of Ilesha Lamenting on the unnecessary money they are paying in school

Oscoed Ilesa
Oscoed Ilesa


The students of Osun State College of Education ilesha are lamenting on the increase of the school tuition fees both the NCE and UI.

The Latest News about the school provostπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

OSCOED Provost Accused Of Corruption, Misappropriation Of Funds, Selling School’s Land To Miners.

This news makes the students of OSCOED voice out about their school fees.

The UI tuition fees which were increased to 100+ when the NCE Students who are paying 23k before are now paying up to 50k now.

They also lament about the unnecessary money they paid in the school after paying that huge amount of school fees.

How I wish the SUG President should write his own too.

They are calling on the SUG President to make sure they stop paying all this unnecessary money in the school.

How can we be paying to collect our ID cards when we have already payed it together with our school fees ..”


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