PLS HELP ME!! How Do I Tell My Friend His Girlfriend Can Not COOK??



middle 6
middle 6

Hello Guys,

A friend of mine wanted to give his niggas a treat so he invited us for dinner in his apartment with his woman.

The babe made Egusi soup with turkey.

Unfortunately, the soup was smelling really weird and to add that the maggi in it was too much. You need to see our disgusted faces when she served us a bowl.

Nobody wanted to eat any more aside my friend who i felt was pretending.


Me i kuku chop the turkey in peace, washed my hands and helped my self with the drinks…while praying for my stomach to forgive me for eating too much maggi. It was embarrassing for the guy sha, considering we didnt hide our disgust.


We want to tell our friend about our horrible experience but we don’t know how to start the conversation so he doesnt feel bad 😥😥




How Should We Advice My Friend That His Girlfriend Can Not COOK??

Lets hear from you all


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