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Partey Rates His Performance Since Joining Arsenal Below Average

Ghanaian midfielder Thomas Partey has rated his performance since joining Arsenal as below average.

After signing for Atletico Madrid in 2011, where he won LaLiga, Europa League and UEFA Super Cup, Partey joined Arsenal for £45 million on October 2020.

However, Partey is yet to impress for Arsenal no thanks to fitness issues.

And in interview on Sky Sports, he stated that his struggles could be due to the fact that he is yet to adapt to the Premier League.

“Personally I will say five, six (when asked to score his performance out of 10). But with the marks of the people from outside I will give myself four because there are moments in the game where I can be hurting the other team. And maybe because I am yet to fully adapt to the Premier League and I lose a bit of focus and that’s when everything goes down.

He spoke about his performance against Manchester United, which saw the Gunners lose 3-2 despite taking the lead.

“From the start I had couple of moments where I gave two balls away but I have to be happy with some moments and learn from the bad parts and try to do more better. The fans demand more and I know I can give more, keep working and at the end I will get a result.“

And concerning expectations from the Arsenal fans: “I am someone that from the defense to the attack I can help a team a lot, read the game more. Now I’m having more games and it’s normal that in some games I will be down but I think with more games and confidence I will be able to get to where I want to be.”

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