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Mourinho‘s Comment On Karim Benzema

Mourinho: “Karim is probably the only No 9 I know that is not selfish in his game. His vision is amazing, the way he enjoys his football is to play with lots of freedom.”

Pérez: “Benzema is a cross between Zidane and Ronaldo Nazario. He scores goals like Ronaldo and has the touch of Zidane; he is a luxury. The worlds best No 9.”

Jean-Pierre Papin: “Karim Benzema is the best of his generation by far, he’s very complete. I like his finishing, his way of participating in the actions of his team, in their creation. He is not only there to score goals, he is there to bring the offensive animation of his training to life.”

Zidane: “He is not a pure No.9, he doesn’t just think about scoring goals and that’s what I love about him. His records speaks for himself, for me he’s the best French striker in history.”

Henry: “The word I use when I talk about Karim Benzema is ‘class’. He has class. When he plays, he has class, everything he does is beautiful!”

Trezeguet: “Benzema is a mix between Raul and Butragueno, he gives much more to the game than just statistics.”

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