MESS UP!! See How S*x Drugs Spoilt My Weekend Match With This Fine Girl


header 20 e1638630037797
header 20 e1638630037797

I’m still in deep shame and regret..

Few days ago I “Codedly” bought a Sex Drive Enhancement Mixture in a market. I don’t use it but the way this man Dey advertise dis drink enh, I say make I try am. So I bought two incase I get another match.

This babe wey I don Dey invite to come my house come give me Green light that same day I bought this mixture. I feel say God pick my Call that day, E choke!
We agreed on date and time.

Las las She turn up, after I don drink One bottle and half of the mixture, as I enter London, I No reach 2mins 😥😥

header 20 e1638630037797
header 20 e1638630037797

E be like say this mixture just reduce my performance by 90%. See shame!🤦🏻‍♂️


I just tell her say make she no vex cz na First time mood. She never pick my calls till now.

What Do You Think Happened Guys cause I still Dey reason am in shame😢

Pls tell me below

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