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Diogo Dalot’s Classy Gesture To Man Utd Fan ‘Struck By Coin’ At First Ever Game

Manchester United full-back Diogo Dalot has reached out to a father and son duo after they were on the receiving end of a coin which was allegedly thrown by Arsenal fans last week

Diogo Dalot has reached out to two Manchester United fans with a generous offer following an incident during the win over Arsenal last week. 

United beat Arsenal 3-2 at Old Trafford in Michael Carrick’s final game in charge of the side before Ralf Rangnick took over the reins.

The night was an exciting and enjoyable one for the vast majority of the 73,123 fans inside the stadium after the difficult final stages of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ’s time in charge. 

However, one United fan and his son had quite a different experience after being on the receiving end of a coin thrown by the away fans.

George Howe, 12, suffered a gash to the head after being struck by a coin while sat in the disabled stand during the second half.

George Howe was allegedly hit on the head by a coin thrown from the Arsenal section

His father, James Howe, was forced to leave the match early and take George, who has epilepsy, brain scarring and autism, to hospital.

“I took my son to his first @ManUtd game tonight & we had to leave early as he was struck by coin from the @Arsenal fans,” an angry James wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

“Very classy fans you have @Arsenal throwing coins in to the disabled section of the ground. Off to A & E now.”

James told the Manchester Evening News that he and his son were being pelted by “bottles, bottle caps and full pies” throughout the second half of the match. 

George, who suffers with seizures, was treated by medical staff at Old Trafford and attended A&E at Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport.

It was a horrible experience for the fans, but it might not be in vain after United full-back Dalot responded to James’ tweet on Tuesday evening.

“I’m sorry to hear that your son had to go through all that,” Dalot wrote on Twitter.

“Hopefully he is okay now! I’m more than happy to invite you both for our next home game so your son can really enjoy what football is about.

“Can you provide me a contact so I can speak with you?”

United and Arsenal are working together to try and identify the fans who threw the objects, while James is hoping they can return to Old Trafford and have a better experience.

“Last year George was really bad in hospital so I asked him afterwards what would make him happy and he said he wanted to watch a game at every Premier League ground,” he told the MEN. 

“Thursday night was our 10th ground and as United fans we hoped it would be the best one.

“I’m a Red but I have to put my hands up and say this was by far the worst experience we’ve had so far.

“George is alright, but with his autism he now associates going to the football with people throwing things.

“It’s really sad, especially because this was his first game at Old Trafford.

“I just hope we can break that cycle before we go to our next game and give him a better experience.”

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