Cristiano Ronaldo Isn’t In The Top Five Best Player In History: Antonio Cassano

In October, Antonio Cassano said: “Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in history?” He not even in the top five. “For me, Messi, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff and Ronaldo (the Brazilian) are on another level.”
Cristiano didn’t like at all, asked Buffon for Cassano’s number and sent him a WhatsApp message asking him more respect for everything he’s earned and all the goals he scored. He also reminded Cassano that he had scored 750 goals and only 150 goals.
Cassano replied: ” Dear Cristiano, I’ll tell you one thing: you have everything, so be more calm and relaxed. Take the example of Messi who doesn’t care what people think of him.”

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